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Monday, February 7, 2005

10:50PM - 'cause i'm still her fan. :D


if you didn't already know. yaaaaaaay!

Thursday, November 25, 2004


Right now is clapping time for sideway. As you read this post, start clapping. As in now. Right now. Because as you better have read already, she made her word count! and she's going to win, too.

*still clapping* *as I'm typing*

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


YAY! sideway HAS MADE HER WORD COUNT FOR NANO!!!! she will keep writing of course, right??? right???

Okay, that is all.

YAY FOR sidewayfans.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

1:19AM - ?!?


how does our community rock so much that our one purpose has been deleted?


where did you go? and why do i not know? :( i weep! yes?

ps: i got your letter today! yaaay!

Current mood: confused

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

8:13PM - NUMERO dos

"inspiration" (but really not) for the day:

it's possible to sing practically anything to the tune of "hallelujah" from handel's "messiah."

really, you should try it sometime, it's fun. though, i don't recommend walking around downtown portland and singing about the rules of relevancy and hearsay. you are guaranteed to get odd looks.

not that i would know.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004


raaahh, what should i do?! i was planning on posting some cool witty thing but i don't have time because i leave for sw really really soon.

basically i'm asking: SHOULD I ACCEPT THE EXCHANGE OFFER?? this means i will be gone for a full year, and they can basically send me wherever they want. (this includes but is not limited to taiwan, peru, the phillipines, finland, and the czech republic) :S

i have to decide by friday.

oh, and what's a good name for an environmentalist organization? all of my names are shitty.

Monday, November 8, 2004

6:48PM - inspiration NUMBER one.

throughout the month of november, this community will be offering daily "inspirations" to sideway. because she is MAGIC and is writing a novel.

today's "inspiration":
today between 4th and 5th blocks we had a "surprise assembly" that was called on the intercom. we were all "wtf, we need this time to do homework" but we went anyway. when we get to the auditorium, they are playing music like "why can't we be friends?" and "one is the loneliest number" and there's an armchair on the stage.

when the lights go out, pat (drama guy, in the sound booth) starts playing the mr rogers song, and danielle tinker (asb officer) comes out and lipsyncs the words, and does the whole sweater and shoe routine. you know it? so danielle sits in the chair, and starts talking about how we should all be nice to each other.

i won't draw this out longer than necessary, but then the mailman (old mr. what's-his-name) came with a letter saying how some sophomores are upset because their lockers have been moved to other halls because of construction, and the other classes are being mean the poor class of '07. it also involved a trip to "the land of make-believe," but i will definitely not go into the detail of that.

my point is, you don't have to put up with a school that makes you go to surprise mr. rogers-themed assemblies to tell you to be nice to each other.

you. lucky. bitch.

ps: trapdoors.

Current mood: complacent








this is sideway (DUHZ WELL OBVIOUSLY) expressing my opinion on how lovely and coolish marika is:\

YAY MEEKA!!!!! i don't know what i'm doing in that picture. it looks like i'm trying to possess you with evil spirits. at first i was going to caption it "long-distance hug from astoria to portland," but then... that didn't quite fit with my AMAZINGLY MONSTROUSLY LONG AND SPAGHETTI-LIKE ARMS. so yay! yay meeka! yay me! yay ice cream!! *mwah*

Sunday, November 7, 2004

9:42PM - el numero uno

hey! join this community!

if you are a fan of sideway and/or her writing, JOIN! see also: 1754, that is the same person.

this is the Official Fan Club. we're getting a head start, eh?


ps: if you know sideway, she requests that you not use her real name. thanks lots.